Friday 12 October 2012

Paradigm shift

It was wonderful tonight at the community night at YWAM Muizenberg where we heard scriptures read that followed Jesus life, from prophesy through birth and teaching, to death, resurrection and ascension. Then the coming of the Holy Spirit. The basics of the gospel, really, taking seriously his death and what the blood of Christ means to us, and the great act of Love that God gave to us.

We slip so easily back into selfish ways. But the blood of Jesus on the cross is a truly humbling reality that every Christian has to face. Having bread and wine present at the last supper, Jesus gave us such a powerful symbol by which to remember this incredible act of love and obedience. Jesus didn't stay on the cross, but by God's amazing and glorious power, he rose from the dead.

I've been reflecting this week on how I can so easily sin when I take my eyes off Jesus. I find myself fearing financial provision. I become lazy and stubborn in so many facets of my life. I reject truth in so many ways through my actions of unbelief. But returning to Jesus' teaching and his public display of true love cuts straight through that selfishness and brings me to my knees to repent of my waywardness.

I entitled this blog entry Paradigm Shift because it's something that God's doing in my ministry right now. He's showing me how to really embrace the YWAM value of First Do, then Teach. There are so many things that God is calling us to change in terms of communications in Africa, but he's focusing right now on our team and how we should live out the principles that we wish to impart. This is no mean feat and I think it will take us a significant time to deepen our understanding of our role within the mission and then practice doing effective communication, with a servant heart, right here on our doorstep in Cape Town before we can really be effective in the rest of Africa.

My hope and prayer right now is that AfriCom can step into that over the next few months, taking time to note what we're learning in the process, so that as we develop projects in various different parts of Africa. We are building people up for Kingdom work, by displaying God's grace and teaching in our lives rather than lecturing them on good theory. The best display and foundation for this principle comes from the blood of Jesus.

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