Monday 9 September 2013

Caring for missionaries

Did you know?
Many of God's people live with HIV/AIDS
Many of God's people suffer depression and suicidal thoughts
Many of God's people feel isolation and loneliness
There are God-fearing people in desperate need all over the world.
God's people suffer.

A harsh truth, hey!? We don't like to hear that on a bright Sunday morning from the pulpit. We especially don't want to know that the missionaries - the people who travel the world dedicated to preaching the gospel - are affected by these things.

The truth is, they are.

Missionary care is all about recognising that there are difficulties, issues and problems that can and do occur within the mission field. In fact up to 50 percent of those who venture into missions come back before the time that they have originally pledged to serve. They get burnt-out, exhausted, frustrated and disillusioned.

We are currently on the second part of a missionary care foundation course which will equip us to help ourselves and others to be aware of the dangers that we face in missions and look to support one other in handling the difficulties that life throws at us. In AfriCom we look to equip missionaries with what they need to communicate what they're doing to others. However, a lot of what hinders them is connected to circumstances and difficulties they're facing.

I'm hoping that the tools this course is equipping me with, will help me to fulfil what God is calling me to do in AfriCom. Please pray with me in this.