Becky and Peter Clemison are working with Youth With A Mission. They are volunteers, living on the donations they receive for their work. They are parents of two young children, Joshua and Hannah.

At the moment they are stationed in South Africa, working with two ministries based in Cape Town.

Becky is working with an organisation called S-Cape which works to combat modern-day slavery in South Africa and beyond. Each year thousands of women and children are tricked, transported and trapped to work as slaves. The types of industry that they end up in can be anything from sweatshops in factories producing the nice clothing that we get to wear to prostitution. One of the things that is common among all victims is that they never intended to be in the situation they've found themselves in. They may have wanted to escape some kind of poverty or abuse in their current circumstances and in their willingness to leave have been lured/tricked into a dirty and dark world of human trafficking. 

At the moment (2015), Becky is working from home for S-Cape (whilst being mum to Joshua and Hannah). She is also doing shifts in the S-Cape home for trafficked women and running a street ministry, reaching out to the ladies who work on the streets around this area and ministering to them.

Peter is working with YWAM AfriCom. This is a team dedicated to training and equipping missionaries in what they need to communicate. All too often, people with a heart for mission and service go out into the field and they return prematurely because they have not received the support that they need. At the same time, decisions at national, regional and international level are made for the mission/movement but not based on detailed information from the field. 

Without a good network of communicators, mission, outreach and mercy ministries become very difficult to maintain. It is also increasingly difficult to give consistent support when it is not clear what is needed at a grassroots level. 

AfriCom works to build a network of communicators that will feed information into regional offices (currently in South Africa, Uganda and Nigeria) where this information will be collected and passed on to the Africa leaders and the International teams. In Africa, it's not good enough just to have a good website. With many places still having little or no access to the internet, AfriCom is working to build up people who are in the local areas, who have their feet on the ground and can physically visit the projects run by YWAM, give encouragement to those who are working there and bring feedback to the mission as a whole. 

This work is ongoing. Currently (2014), we are following a vision to 'measure the land', which is a process of collecting information from around the continent and making it available through social media, websites and other means. Please keep us in your prayers.

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