Friday 31 January 2014

Knowing God's timing

Sometimes our prayers are answered over a period of time, sometimes immediately. I've recently experienced an answering of a prayer that was quicker than expected!

As missionaries, we have certain domestic (i.e. from our home in the uk) financial matters to deal with. My brother-in-law does a fantastic job of opening our post and scanning it, sending it to us by email so that I can respond to all enquiries that come in.

However, there was an issue that didn't seem to have a solution remotely. It felt that, whilst email and phonecalls worked in some cases, here the matter just wasn't being resolved. So I prayed, "Lord, if you want me to go home to sort out this problem, then please guide me - and pay for my ticket!". Within a day, I had a relative call up and offer to provide money for this particular problem. Though she didn't say it, the money just so happened to be the price of a return ticket back home. So I booked the ticket and left for home!

Knowing that I've been praying about many things, particularly to do with mission work, that haven't been (apparently) answered in the past months and even years, I was keen to find out what God's purpose for this trip would be (over and above sorting out my personal issue).

So, I held it up to him. And he spoke. And what happened: he brought me to my knees. He reminded me of the things I'd said. He showed me how I had forgotten his promises in one area of my life and showed me how I had backtracked on my promises to him. I was broken. But I was free. I was free from the burden of having to carry this sin. God gave me an open door to confession and repentance. He even gave me a mechanism in which to begin. I am now walking that road of repentance and it feels really good.

Reading this, you might wonder: "what is it that he did?" If you really want to know the details, just email me and I'll tell you! But I think it's more important that I show you the impact of what hearing His voice and being obedient does:

Rather than raising me up to be great, he raised himself up, putting himself back in the position he should be - to be worshipped, adored and served. At the same time, I was humbled, as He showered his love, affection and forgiveness on me. Praise God.