Sunday 28 October 2012

Losing a YWAM family member

The loss of a fellow missionary is a hard one to face. As we learned this week on how to deal with crisis situations, we were able to reflect on the tragic loss of a missionary and her mother in a car accident. I think the feelings that we're all experiencing is well reflected in Ashley Diehl's blog post:

This event has caused many to look at their own life and see how fragile we are. Everyday drama and petty arguments fade away as we realize they mean nothing in comparison to a mother and daughter leaving this world without any warning.

People who have experienced loss of a close friend or a family member often question God and the gospel in light of these events. How do we truly counsel someone who is suffering with this amount of pain? I have failed many times in my attempts to put on a prayer “band aide” or offer a cliche statement to help someone suffering and in need. Often it is easier to not ask the tough questions.

I am beginning to learn the importance of walking with someone in times like these. Emotional healing takes a long time and leaves noticeable scars. 

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