Tuesday 3 May 2016

Leaving Muizenberg

It is today that we say farewell to Muizenberg, South Africa. We leave on a high. We're not leaving because our time here has come to an end per se. If we stayed, there would be plenty of work for us to do. And we have great relationships here which we've built over the past 6 years. God has blessed our time in South Africa, and it's with a heavy heart that we leave this beautiful country. But leave we must if we are to pursue our dream to adopt.

We feel the Lord is with us as we made this decision, even giving us the space to decide when, and where to go. As we presented Phillipines to Him, we felt His peace and providence. We didn't need to fundraise or send out an appeal, God just put it on a few people's heart to give extra support in this time of extra need. We are so grateful to God and the friends for their amazing faithfulness and generosity.

So now here we are. About to check in to our flight to cebu, not going home to they uk first but stepping straight into the unknown!

Please pray for us.