Friday 13 November 2009

flights a'booked

Hoorah! We have managed to successfully secure some flights with Emirates leaving on 3rd January 2010! It does mean spending the night in Dubai airport (a trick, I'm sure to make you go shopping), but nonetheless it was considerably cheaper than other airlines, so we're not complaining. We're still waiting for the Police to finish confirming our innocence, then we can begin the process of applying to obtain a visa (SA high commission need police checks, bank statements and a whole host of other things (incl. chest x-ray)).

We want to thank God for his provision. There are a couple of people who have approached us with donation pledges - we don't know when we'll get it, but just knowing that it's on its way has been a real encouragement and helped us to trust God more with provision.

It looks like everything, so far, is starting to come into place. We're still only about halfway there, in terms of fundraising, so please keep praying that we'll be able to get the full amount by the time we leave. Even if we don't, we know that He'll provide in His perfect time.

Tuesday 3 November 2009

Pete's birthday party

A great big THANK YOU to everyone who came to Pete's Birthday party! It was wonderful that so many were able to come. We're sorry if you couldn't make it, but please do come round and we can catch up properly. We don't have much time before we leave but would like to spend quality time with as many friends as possible.

The party was a success, and also acted as a fundraiser, so thank you to all who gave. We were able to raise well over £300 in total! Thank you especially to those who gave sacrificially ... we were really humbled by your generosity and touched by your kindness. It really encouraged us in our faith too. God bless you!