Thursday 20 September 2012

Being part of a family

This week we have been gathering with our friends at YWAM Muizenberg. Each year, this base gets together in September to mark the beginning of the year. As AfriCom also works out of Cape Town, we were invited to celebrate with them.

It's a time for worship, celebration, confession, repentance, renewal. Spring time in South Africa is a great season to do this. Every year feels like a fresh boost to our mission and this year was no exception. As the staff gathered, we prayed for one another. Last year was a focus was on bringing unity. We were brought together and declared together that we were all part of one body. This year, we built on that to face each other and see, now that we are one, look at ways in which we can serve one another.

I usually use the blog as a place for reflection rather than update, so here goes:

When a gathering happens, God has a way of putting his signature on it. It's easy to get caught up in the crowd and buzz and veer away from Him and His purposes. Orderly worship can easily turn into chaos.

Some of his characteristics:
- He will always glorify himself
- He is who is he says he is
- We are who he says we are.
- We are fallen sinners, worthy of damnation
- If we, confess and repent, he will forgive us and take us into his fold.

So, however the gathering of believers goes, if it contains contrite hearts, true repentance, joy and unity, you know that you're onto the right thing.

The testimonies that were shared during this time, not only humbled us but showed of God's great glory, power and provision. It was a great privilege to be part of this gathering and hope others were blessed by it too.

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