Sunday 14 October 2012

The sacrifices that we must make

Today we hosted a party to celebrate a first birthday -- a child of one of the Nigerian missionary family working here in South Africa. As we, as a YWAM 'family' gathered to wish this little boy all the best, there was definitely a sense of longing for extended (blood related) family to be present at such an occasion. Stepping into mission is more than just moving away from your comfort zone. It means moving away from close family who love and care for you.

As I saw our local supermarket trying to decide whether to put up Halloween promotions, or Christmas decorations, it made me reflect that both these celebrated dates have a special place in my heart (31st Oct is my birthday and 25th December is Jesus' birthday!). This year, Christmas will be the first family gathering for us without any extended family to join us. We will miss spending time with our parents and Joshua's uncles and aunts very much.

The obedience that comes with serving in mission means that you take such sacrifices and accept them. Knowing that you're serving a higher purpose and goal is enough to give you the motivation to 'press on to the higher goal'. It also means that you cherish the telephone conversations, emails, letters and parcels that come from friends 'back home' dearly.

May God continue to guide us as we serve him in missions.


Kathy Noland said...

Thanks for reminding us about those who need to feel part of our family here at home. It's so easy to close the doors on outsiders. Christmas is especially significant and potentially lonely.

Anonymous said...

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