Thursday 13 August 2009

Preparation time August 2009

Welcome to our first entry as bloggers!

We have felt led to do a DTS with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) for some time, and are praying for more confirmation about when and where.

Our plan, God willing, is to spend the first six months with YWAM, provisionally in Muizenberg, South Africa though that is subject to acceptance. We’ll update the blog as and when we’ve received acceptance. There are many 'Mercy Ministries' in Muizenberg that we'd like to get involved with (such as working in the fields of human trafficking and HIV prevention), bringing with us our skills that we’ve developed here in the UK and looking to learn new skills for the future.

There is an anti-trafficking project called Justice ACTs (Alliance of Christians against Trafficking) that is based in the Muizenberg office -
We are excited about the possibility of working on this project while there, in the build up to the 2010 World Cup when the UN estimate that 100,000 women and children will be trafficked into South Africa!

Where we’re at:
Peter’s still at Scripture Union. He loves it there and would look to work with them again in the future. Maybe in Bletchley, maybe somewhere else. He’s passionate about fundraising and has skills in marketing, project management, events management and campaigning. He’s hoping that he can use his skills abroad to the benefit of a mission programme.

Becky’s working at World Vision, project managing Sponsor Visits to enable child sponsors to go out to the field and visit the children and the community, after Child Protection checks. This venture has had an amazing effect on building a closer relationship between supporter and beneficiary. Becky has a passion for prevention of human trafficking and HIV. She really wants to get out into the field to serve practically, and build on her experience in this area.

Both of us are excited but we really need your prayers!

Please pray for:
• The next step (what do we do now)?
• Our application to YWAM Muizenberg, that this is the right thing.
• God’s provision for us to do this (we can’t do this in our own strength, financially or otherwise).
• Trust and endurance for this brave step.

Give thanks for:
• God’s provision of work so far through Scripture Union and World Vision
• His plan for this world and each of our lives.

Support us?
Part of our acceptance onto the DTS and working on the projects in Muizenberg will be to provide evidence that we have people supporting us. Would you be willing to support us in this venture (prayerfully and possibly financially)? Just email or text us with your pledge and we’ll be in touch to let you know how you can make your donation!

Thank you