Wednesday 30 September 2015

Snail experience!

Becky writes:
I tried snails for the first time today. I thought it was about time I tried something new and different. But when they arrived I felt like I was on 'I'm a celebrity, get me out of here' and almost chickened out. Pete was laughing at me! So I managed to eat about half the portion (smothered in cheese, which helped) and was quite proud of myself. The sucker part was fine, it was the inside bit that creeped me out. I kept thinking of all those snails that my dad stomps on in the garden, and the slime. Well, that's another thing I can tick off from my 'strange and exotic foods' list!

Wednesday 16 September 2015

At Home week

This week, staff working with YWAM Muizenberg stop working on their regular ministries and gather together for At Home week. This annual event is a chance for all the staff to meet with each other, worship and pray together. We hear updates from the different ministries and remind ourselves of the greater vision of the movement. It's a wonderful occasion. Most of us are far from our 'homes' and serving in often thankless work environments. The sense of family is a hard concept for many who have had to leave their parents and siblings to serve God here. There is much sacrifice involved in missions. The wonderful thing about At Home week is the ability to share some of our experiences, failures, joys etc with one another in a safe, loving environment.
There's also lots of food to eat that we all chip-in with one massive bring-and-share gathering! We love our brothers and sisters in YWAM and thank God for what he is doing with each one of them, here in Cape Town.