Wednesday 14 December 2011

Wieder in Deutschland

The life of a YWAMer is that oftentimes you get the privilege to step into someone else's world. Let me explain what I mean...

Tourists get a glimpse of a world presented to them (through hotels, guest houses and museums/attractions), business travellers get a similar experience, where hospitality and service are focused on 'getting the job done'. Most others live and work in a set context (place, purpose, relationships) that doesn't really change from one year to the next. However, for those of us in mission, travel and engaging with different cultures, worldviews and ways of life are part of the job. One week you could be in luxury, the next in poverty. As we travel, we are blessed by those who offer to accommodate us in their houses (we try to keep the inevitable disruption to their lives to the minimum). As such, we get a feel - even if just for a few days - of how they live. What are the main issues facing them and where are life's struggles.
Currently we are in Germany with an old friend of mine, Daniel Deutsch. He has kindly opened his one room apartment for the three of us to stay with him as he relegated himself to a converted loft space/mezzanine floor. But life hasn't just stopped for him; he carries on working and we are trying to take our part by shopping, washing and cooking where we can (or are allowed!). This blessing of accommodation from Daniel  gives us the freedom to visit supporters in Germany but have a place to rest our heads. It also demonstrates how supporting is about but journeying with us - allowing us to understand a bit more about where you come from and what makes you tick! Last  night we visited some wonderful people - Ulrich and Gabriele Mack. They have embraced our work, support and pray for us regularly. It was wonderful to hear some of their stories - find out about their kids, where they're at and pray a bit for them. This was our first time to see them in their home context. The more we develop our understanding of who God is, the more we realise that he's very interested in our relationships with one another and how we steward those. And when we come together to chat, update, eat together and pray with/for each other, we get a feeling of what Jesus meant when he called St Peter to build the church.

Friday 9 December 2011

Back in blighty

Back on English soil. A strange feeling, yet somehow comforting to be 'home'. Lots of stuff to do - I'm not sure any of us are going to get a chance to rest. There's our house to clear/sort out/ rent out; there's 3/4 speaking engagements; there's Christmas with various relatives; there's Joshua's visa to get; there's team meetings (over skype) as the work at AfriCom continues and lots of work to do as well!
Our first stop is with Richard and Sarah with their 18-month old daughter, Emily. Speaking at St Mary's on Sunday, then off to Germany first things Tuesday. This is going to be a busy busy time, but we're really looking forward to touching base with as many as possible!