Wednesday 18 December 2013

Waiting on the Lord

God has given me immense guidance this year. Much of it has been a sense of peace, assurance and hope, as I wait on him.

As we come to the end of 2013, it's great to reflect on what God has been doing among us and how things have developed this year. Though it's been a busy year, much of it has been spent on my knees, before God, asking him what next. He's been pretty quiet on what I need to do to take steps forward in the ministry. However, the big words he has said to me are: "Trust me, wait on me...". In the time when my team has been decimated due to finances and other logistical problems, much of my time is spent alone, just seeking God and doing small steps towards the things he guides me to do. I know that there is a massive undertaking to be done on this continent if I am to complete the task I believe he has given me to do. However, I'm assured by Him that rushing ahead without first seeking Him and waiting on Him would be fruitless!

So it's a time to carry on with the everyday: paying the bills, taking small steps forward and daily bowing my knees before Him in adoration, thanks and praise; pleas for guidance and putting everything that I am doing today in His hands.

Thank you Lord for a blessed 2013. May You guide me into 2014.

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