Thursday 12 December 2013

Jesus take the wheel

We were discussing this morning in the office about what it means to fully submit to Jesus. We were observing how, in many cases, we have seen people fully embrace the Christian life and become famous as they go Holy Spirit 'crazy', but quickly stumble in their personal life through affairs, embezzling funds and other sinful activities in secret.

Giving up your will for his is not about willfully losing control or letting God do everything for us. It's just a simple re-allignment in our mental process to say: I am no longer submitting to my own authority, but to his. I must still walk on this earth and engage with the world as I see it, but I no longer allow it, or my own will, to determine what I do and how I do it.

The great piece of advise someone once gave to me when I am tempted by sinful thoughts, is to say: "I have permisson from my father not to do this act." Suddenly the thoughts and feeling dim down and I am able to think clearly again. That is willful submission to the authority that is my Father in Heaven.

In Carrie Underwood's song, Jesus Take The Wheel, she shows a wonderful abandonment to Jesus at the moment when it's vital to do it. She recognises that, a submission to God means that once she had hit back ice and the car was spinning out of control, and she needed a supernatural intervention, she knew that He was there to step in. There are times when we desperately need the Holy Spirit to act on our behalf, other times we just choose to submit to His wisdom and then act on that, submitting our minds, hearts and thoughts and will to His.

We still need to drive the car, though!

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