Monday 9 December 2013

Back in Muizenberg

We've just returned from a trip to Europe (UK, Germany and Holland) to see supporters, friends and family. It was a busy trip which, any missionary will know, was far from a 'holiday'. It doesn't stop people from asking when (albeit exhausted) you return to the place of ministry (for us, South Africa) and people ask "Did you have a nice holiday?".

Nonetheless, we're back and ready to get going. I return to an office where the internet has dropped down to a crawl, the telephone doesn't work and there is a massive pile of messages/post/paperwork to go through. It looks like my work is cut out for me from now until Christmas just catching up on what I missed, paying bills, replying to emails and generally sorting stuff out! Here I am, pulling a selfie at the computer whilst writing this blog post!

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