Wednesday 12 April 2023


The steps to getting established are many. Having been in missions for nearly 14 years now, we have seen many ministries start and fail; many projects seem successful but ultimately don't achieve what the original vision intended. We have been gathering information and looking at what works and what doesn't when setting up a new ministry and pioneering new work. 

We are aware that we are not 'reinventing the wheel' and there are many people doing similar work here, but the approach we're taking, particularly in regard to the therapeutic services that we're wanting to offer are rare in the Philippines - particularly play therapy and other after care services in the community. 

Right now, a lot of our work is desk-based, trying to complete all the necessary requirements to make 4Freedom a sustainable and longterm mission work that will benefit individuals, families and communities in the Philippines for generations. 

The process is intentional and gradual. We pray that, as the Lord leads us, we will be faithful. At home we have bookshelves full of stories of pioneering missionaries, whether that's Mary Slessor or Hudson Taylor, who fearlessly dedicated their lives to serving others. We use these stories as inspirations to keep us going, especially on days when we feel like giving up. 

With 4Freedom, the vision was received by Becky in 2017, shortly after arriving in the Philippines. She had a very clear picture of the four freedoms: Freedom in Christ, Freedom from Slavery, Freedom from Poverty and Freedom from Pollution. I also felt that this was a word from the Lord that, together, as a married couple and as a family in missions, we were to embrace this vision together. It was a daunting and exciting time. 

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