Friday 17 February 2023

Visit from Grandma

We had such a lovely time in January with Pete's mum visiting for a month with her friend Janet from church. They enjoyed their stay and we visited the south and north of Cebu island. They also met the ladies and saw some of our work, and left last week. 

Good news: after much praying and work, we have received “pre-approval” for our SEC (charity) registration. This has been a big piece of work and we’re grateful to be taking steps forward in it. The pre-approval has a very short deadline for us to complete several documents and submit them for final approval. Our social worker has compiled these documents, and it is just a matter of the board of trustees signing them. That is easier said than done, with our chair of the board living in Manila right now, we’ve had to send the documents up to him first. All the documents have to be signed by all the trustees. 

Valentines is a big deal in the Philippines. Lots of people do activities for the event and shops, cafĂ©’s and restaurants are all adorned with love hearts and various gift ideas for the one you love. Pete had the privilege of teaching a group of former drug dealers (they’re called surrenderers – those that have chosen to change their life during the Duterte regime’s war on drugs). It was at an event called “together forever”, hosted by a church in Cordova. There was buffet food, the place was decorated beautifully and it was a chance to bring fun, games and deeper community relations. Pete was the keynote speaker for the evening and it was a great opportunity for Pete to share the gospel in light of the only eternal relationship. We have till death us do part, but what happens beyond the grave?

After the talk, the pastor led the congregation in a pledge to turn away from our sinful ways and towards God. The whole room stood to make the pledge. It was a really moving event. Please pray for these drug surrenderers.

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