Tuesday 15 January 2013

Who has the whole picture

I love how God physically demonstrates to us how to live. The ultimate and most glorious of these demonstrations was through his Son, coming to earth and dying on the cross. But it's not just that, but every way in which he is, is the example of perfection.

Take, for example, the Holy Trinity. Although God is all seeing, all knowing, all powerful and so on... he shares the load among three beings. These three are in perfect harmony and fellowship. Each Member has the ability to work alone, but chooses to be in continuous relationship with one another. God shows us, by His very character, a perfect way of things.

If we ask ourselves, which teacher/prophet/leader has everything we need to know about God. The answer is, of course, nobody. God purposely created us so that we would need to be in fellowship to gain understanding and wisdom. Fellowship with him and fellowship with each other. The term fellowship might be old fashioned, and give you an image of 'the shire' from the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings, but I prefer the term as it gives a deeper understanding of the type of relationships we are to have.

In the past, some groups have mistaken the idea of pooling our giftings to mean that we don't need a leader because 'Jesus is our leader'. This is not true and often ends in dis-unity. We do need leaders among us, who will guide us to where we're supposed to be and stand behind the body, encouraging, supporting it and continuously pointing towards Jesus and giving all glory and credit to the Maker.

This week, my wife and I are doing a course entitled PIN code. It's designed to pick out and bring out some of our unique giftings and characteristics that shape us. Just as the PIN you use to access your cash at the ATM, this code is designed to help you unlock some of the amazing things that God has created you to be.

But we're not doing it alone. We are with an intimate group, who will reveal their PIN too. This way, we will hopefully learn and see how the body of Christ can work together in fellowship with one another. If we choose to put Christ at the centre, raise up leaders from among us who will themselves put Christ at their centre, and whose purpose is to serve and bring out the giftings of those they are leading, then we will have a mighty army, strong and powerful, able to do awesome things together.

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