Friday 25 January 2013

On the journey

Getting the balance right between striving towards that higher goal, whilst recognising that we are far from it and have a job to do now in our current state and abilities is a difficult one. Coming towards the end of 2012, I felt that 2013 would be a year for action and I'm not wrong. I have spent the past few weeks reflecting on who I am and where I'm at. Then, this week, suddenly, it's time to put into action all that I know will help me and my team serve him better this year. Taking the lead from the Book of James (faith without deeds is dead), I'm saying that, not only do I trust God that I am supposed to be here and to do what I'm doing during this season, but I'm going to embrace it with my whole heart, even if it hurts. So, while I read a very interesting post from Paula Cummings' blog on her reflection on a time to stop/give up, for me, it's a time to plough on into the work that I've been tasked with doing. I now know my strengths (thanks Holger for your amazing training), which also means that I'm more acutely aware of my weaknesses, yet I have the opportunity to do something about that, rather than pretend that I am the "super boss" who can achieve anything and everything.

I'm challenging my team this week to be on the journey with me. Walk with me, partner with me to support my skills (my strengths) and support me in my weaknesses. Being on the journey, it's a time for boundaries, deadlines and specifics for now. The future, though I love to discuss possibilities of where we can be, can wait for tomorrow.

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