Sunday 10 April 2022

Encouraging words

It's always exciting to get words of knowledge from friends. We visited Warfield Church North (aka St Michael's)  in Berkshire on Sunday 10th April 2022. This was our second attempt at visiting the church, as last time I (Peter) tested positive for COVID just before leaving! 

As we met with the wonderful people at the church, we were so excited to hear how many had been praying for us before and during our visit. They had pictures and images that were shared with us - more than one had the same image in their mind. Even after all these years in YWAM, it is exciting to hear people hearing the voice of God and being willing to share it so openly. May God bless this church and enable it to grow strong in the Warfield and Bracknell area. More importantly, may they know that their partnership means that the work of Warfield Church spreads strong the world, as they invest in God's mission work globally! 

Thank you to all who shared and encouraged us! Bless you!

We also got a sneak peak up the tower to see the view across Bracknell!

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