Monday 7 April 2014

Doing the impossible for God

I did a survey recently among Youth With A Mission staff that work out of operating locations in South Central Africa. The overwhelming majority, when asked what the most effective and needed communication would be from my team is, answered 'face-to-face'. This is a region vast and wide where travelling between locations can take 2-3 days, across land boarders where visa restrictions, language and currency regulations become a battle in themselves! Added to that, working for a ministry where we fund ourselves, I barely have enough in the account to pay the rent, let alone travelling to have face-to-face meetings with everybody.

Added to that, the quality of the internet across this region is terrible, so Skype/Facetime is out of reach of most.

Added to that is the fact that my wife is expecting our second child and we have a very busy family life and ministry at home to contend with.

So I'm seeking wisdom on how to bring face-to-face valuable communication without continuously travelling!

Please keep me in your prayers.

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