Thursday 10 May 2012

Do you have a biblical worldview?

This question was posed by the speaker tonight at a gathering of YWAMers from around Southern Africa. He identified how easy it is for us to have a restricted socio-economic worldview which often stems from our childhood – how we were brought up; how our parents view the world. How do we view finances and our resources that we have to hand? And what is God’s view? He used the Lord’s Prayer as a focal point, particularly: Hallowed be Your Name; Your Kingdom Come.
It was very thought provoking – one of those messages that gets you really thinking.
He encouraged us to step away from that type of thinking. What if our socio-economic worldview were to change? What if we were to see God’s presence in our lives as a type of embassy? An embassy – no matter what country you’re in – is a safe haven for any citizen that it represents. The laws, rules and regulations in that premesis are of that country. This is what, according to the speaker, we really should mean when we pray: Your Kingdom Come –  i.e. bring your embassy (protection) to this place. Let us be under Your authority and Your rules here. This left me wondering what is my socio-economic worldview? How do I restrict myself to my upbringing and my knowledge of the world? Do I really allow God to be my protector and guide? And how do we get a biblical worldview?

I suppose that I have to ask God to reveal my limitations to me and look to change when He does. I have a feeling it’s a gradual process because there’s so much that shapes us from how we were brought up. I’m not sure of any specific examples of my mentality that I have, but I’m sure over time, God will reveal them to me!

For a bit of entertainment, here are some stereotypes of socio-economic worldview on buying a necklass:
Poverty mentality
“We can’t afford Jewellery, let alone a necklass!"

Middle class mentality
“Darling I bought this designer necklass, it was 30% off, you know!”

Wealth mentality
“This necklass was exclusively handcrafted by a native American tribe 200 years ago. It’s the only one of its kind, you know”

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