Saturday 28 May 2011

Leading Africa

I've just returned from the Africa Leadership Team meetings. It's a group of missionaries - from many different nations and continents - who for many years have been hearing God's voice and obediently following what they hear. They live to serve God and they do it through YWAM. I was in awe of how God has used these people, who, with such humble hearts, told me stories that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. One would tell of being beaten and thrown in prison for his faith, while others would talk of great miracles, including seeing people raised from the dead. Yet none of them had an appearance of a 'great' person. They didn't have fine clothes, or drive fancy cars. The don't hold any kind of fame for their work. Few books or films have been written about these saints. If you didn't ask, you would never know that that, let's say, the grey haired lady serving salad at the counter in the dining room heard the call of God and obeyed His call to take the gospel into some of the most remotest parts of Africa to people who had never before heard the Good News.

As I look at this generation of missionaries who have been obedient to God's call on their lives and their obedience has remained through hardships and difficult times. And, how they have continued to serve with humble hearts, I wonder how my life will pan out and my ability to be faithful too. One thing I have learnt this past week is giving proper respect for my elders. One of the best forms of respect we can give these legends of mission is to listen to their stories and challenge ourselves to also hear His voice and obey and see where God leads us.

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