Monday 21 December 2009

God has really done amazing miracles, especially in the past few days.

On Friday we received a phone call from the South African High Commission demanding a further £600 each as a security deposit in case we 'needed repatriation' and further South African-based health care cover (our British long stay medical travel insurance was not sufficient for their standards). We have only just fundraised enough for our needs with no 'buffer', so it was a heavy blow and a shock as we had not been informed of this earlier.

However, over the weekend, and without us asking, we have received enough donations to cover all these extra costs. We are over-whelmed by God's provision and people's generosity and obedience

Hopefully (and please pray for guidance) Pete will be able to meet with the High Commission this week and give all the funds and necessary paperwork to them.

It's just 2 weeks until we fly to South Africa. There's still so much to do (mainly packing and sorting), so please keep praying for us, especially as we work to get our visas.

We have just about enough now for the first three months (study phase). Friends and family have been so generous with sacrificial gifts. We are so humbled by this. Thank you!

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Emelie said...

God is truly amazing