Friday 30 October 2009

Next step: visas

Great news: we've been accepted onto the DTS which now opens up the next stage of preparation: booking flights, getting visas etc.

We've just been looking on the South African High Commission's website and apparently it can take up to 30 working days to issue a volunteer visa. Please pray that we can complete this process in time for the january deadline.

Also pray that we can find suitable, affordable flights, as the price is rapidly increasing and we're not yet financially in the clear to get both visas, course fees and the flights. We need wisdom which one to get first.

This weekend we're having a fun and games evening at St Mary's Luton (Saturday 7.30pm). This will also be a chance for us to share our vision and raise some money. Please come along...have some food, enjoy yourselves and hear about our plans for the future.

You can either just turn up (you're most welcome) or email to let Pete know that you're coming and if you're able to bring anything. It's combined with Pete's 30th birthday too.

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