Replacing the Clemison's car

Help us replace our aging car

For the past 6 years, we've been driving a very useful, but very old Toyota 10 seater "Revo". On my visit to Cebu in March 2022, it became apparent this this car has served it's useful life. It broke down twice on me whilst I was there and, at 22 years old, is not a reliable ministry vehicle anymore. We'd like to replace it with something of a similar size, as we're often carrying people or large items around for one thing or
or another. Realistically, a second hand car of this size goes for about £10,000. We're hoping to raise this money by the end of the year, hopefully. We've already had some very generous donations of anything from £20 to £1,000. Every penny counts.
Thank you to all who have donated already. Right now we're up to £2,440 which is amazing!!

If you'd like to donate now, just go our GoFundMe page

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