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January 2021

For the people in Cebu, life continues to be very difficult with lockdown restrictions meaning that schools have been closed since March 2020. Many families don’t have laptops or internet connections and cannot easily do homeschooling with their kids. Schools are preparing work for the kids and parents have to go to the school each week to collect materials and assignments.

Due to travel restrictions, we are currently in Stockport, UK. We are stuck here because of Covid - Philippines has banned all flights from 20+ countries, including the UK. We continue to work from home and we’re keeping busy. We connect with the Philippines every day through Zoom and Facebook.

This year has started off incredibly busy. Right now we’re doing an intensive 2 week YWAM leadership development training course with 117 participants over Zoom, in almost every time zone! Becky is also doing an 18-week course on Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, through a Bible college in Cebu (once a week). We connect in with the prayer room for 10 hours a week prayer time with the ‘nightwatch’ team, praying with those in the Philippines nighttime for them, which is afternoons for us.

Our ministry in Cebu continues from here as much as possible – we sent Christmas donations to enable the trafficked ladies we work with in the slums to have a Filipino Christmas dinner (spaghetti and fruit salad). 

Baby Faith is 3 months – an easy baby who loves smiling, long cuddles, and napping on people.

The kids are in Zoom school live from the Philippines with Pete and grandma helping facilitate the materials and the lesson times in the dining room. It’s an early start for them – some days lessons start as early 6.20am! The lessons that are earlier than 6 are thankfully pre-recorded for the kids to watch later in the day.  The kids have enjoyed playing with snow - their first experience of building snowmen! Grandad has enjoyed sharing his extensive knowledge of history and grandma has enjoyed teaching homeschool. Without their help, study and work would be very difficult!

Please pray for the ongoing work in the Philippines and for our ongoing work connecting remotely from here! 


Peter & Becky 

Joshua, Hannah & Faith xx

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