Get involved

We would to hear from anyone who would like to be involved in working with/alongside/for us. There are opportunities for you to come out to South Africa, or other parts of Africa to volunteer. Let us know what area you're interested in and we'll explore it further with you.

If you can't leave your country, but would like to explore ways of getting involved and working remotely from where you are, that's great too. We have several volunteers who just give a few hours of their week to do some work for us and connect in via Skype once a month to update us on how it's going. It would be very hard for us to function without these volunteers. 

Our offices in South Africa may only have a small staff base, but in fact there are many volunteers around the world who are making the work of our ministry with YWAM possible. 

Please get in touch to tell us how you would like to be involved

We'd love to have more on board in both of these ministries - just email 

or you can send us encouragements on our blog
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